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Over the years we have established a sound reputation for - money saving and production Increase - greenhouse design, innovation and technology, adapted to the needs and requirements of Tropical agro-industry.

SV: Super Ventilated

The latest design by Agroespacios offers the highest -natural - ventilation available in the market: an impressive 37%. It is specially suited for crops very susceptible to high temperatures and fungus deseases. You too can implement automation technology, to obtain the ideal environment for your plantation!

VMC (initials in Spanish): Mobile Ridge Vents

This is a well-tried model for over 10 years. It offers a 20% ventilation range. Automation can be implemented, so as to allow you precise control of the environment desired by your crop.

VFC (initials in Spanish): Fixed Ridge Ventilation

Because of its low cost, VFC has been a market favourite for many years. With our latest innovation this now 'classic' model offers a standard 8% ventilation, suitable for many hardy plantations with low climatological demands.

IT (initials in Spanish): Greenhouse tunnel

Ideal for low scale plantations and seedling production.

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